Santé Et Efficacité – new tape on Falt records


My new tape Santé Et Efficacité is now available on the awesome Falt label.
Recorded in the summer of 2020, during a climate change heatwave & in quarantine with a Covid infection, these four songs deal with apocalyptic dread from a strictly personal perspective.

The title is borrowed from This Heat’s last EP Health and Efficiency.

Bottlefly Blues is a nod to the blue bottle fly (calliphora vomitoria), a species of fly that feeds on corpses and is used in forensics.
I Want To Be An Insect is the title of a sculpture made in 1960 by Leonora Carrington.
The World’s Curling Up Like An Autumn Leaf is a line lifted from Derek Jarman’s film The Last of England.
D’ailleurs, C’est Toujours Les Autreus Qui Meurent is the inscription on Marcel Duchamp’s tombstone.

The Auditory Field: Political Acoustics – english translation


During the past months I translated three chapters from my book on noise to English. They form a part of the text that addresses the idea of an auditory field of the social that serves as a critical extension of the concept of the soundscape.

Transgressions: Noise and Violence

An introduction to the concept of auditory fields and the relations of noise, force and power in that field.

Ingressions: The Horror and Benefit of Silence

A critique of the discourse on silence that focuses on aggressive uses of quietness and the commodification of silence.

Delimitations: Music and Power

A historical sketch of the relations between power and music. Features Michel Foucault, Italian opera, castration and Muzak.

Unpleasant Knowns & L’Ombilic des Limbes


L’Ombilic des Limbes – new song on a single sided 10“ lathe cut disc. Limited edition of 30, shipping starts on 01/23/2023.

Unpleasant Knowns – a five song C20 tape. Austere pop songs with a noise-infection. Limited edition of 15. Starts shipping on January 23rd.

Also available on the 23rd of January: The World Can Be As Sad As It Seems set (sticker and postcard in a Covid-test biohazard bag) and special merch package containing 10“ vinyl, tape, sticker, postcard and a hand made collage (limited edition of five).



During the past weeks some tracks I did got released on these compilations:

Released on November 25th, the third Rental Yields compilation by Front & Follow is now available. All songs are remixes, one artist ’steals‘ from another to generate ‚yields‘. The project raises money to tackle homelessness in Manchester. My contribution is a remix of the song Silent Night by Manchesters Opium Harlot, now titled Houses in Slow Motion.


Out on Econore is Flag, featuring the song Fin du Monde, Fin du Mois (previously self released on the ‡ ‡ ‡ tape in 2021).


Machina ad Noctem has released Landscapes and Emptiness: A Tribute to J. G. Ballard. 35 tracks by different artists, all inspired by the short stories and novels by the legendary Sci-Fi writer. My contribution draws on the 1974 novel Concrete Island. Using a recently acquired old Yamaha organ, I tried to evoke the feeling of being stranded on a median strip surrounded by motorways with only a stash of wine for sustenance.