H live in Warsaw – 19.04.19

H, live

H will play one of their rare concerts in Warsaw this month. The organizers FLAUTA  write this about the event:

„In collaboration with the activist’s group Mroky, we collect money to support organisation which aim is to help refugees on the Bosnian-Croatian border. The estimated number of immigrants staying there at the moment is around 3 thousands. Most of them live in the ‚official‘ camps in Velika Kladuša and Bihac. Those camps, managed by IOM (International Organization for Migration) do not provide appropriate sanitary conditions, nor heating or necessary clothes and are constantly being overfull. The SOS Team Kladuša is for now the only organisation which supports people living outside the camps – delivering warm meals, distributing clothes and providing medical help. This event is a part of the Rok Antyfaszystowski (Anti-Fasict Year) initiative’s programme.“

The show will take place at Pogłos/ Burakowska 12 Warsaw, 21:00, tax 20 pln

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