Difficult Music/William S. Burroughs


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After a two month hiatus, Markus Izzo’s excellent radio show Difficult Music has been back on the air since February, both as a broadcast on Radio Z and as a stream on Hallo:Radio. The archive of 255 episodes so far is accessible via Mixcloud.

The topic of the latest broadcast is the psychological effect of lockdown and for this I was honoured to produce a short radio play based on William S. Burroughs text The Danish Operation. The short story was first published in 1964 in Arcade magazine, for this piece I used a German translation by Carl Weissner. The seven minute audio track can be found here.



culture’s cancelled #5

live, recording


This is the 5th and final part in a series of live recordings from before the cancellation of public life… Recorded at Berlin’s Zum Limit on February 21st. Let’s see what happens next. Maybe when everybody’s done with grief work for all the cancelled events we can agree to burn down Netflix and Spotify and expropriate Amazon. When there’s no more room in the internet, the dead will walk the Earth.

culture’s cancelled #1

live, recording


Since nobody will be playing, attending or hosting any concerts for quite a while, this seems like a good time to sift through the archives.

This is the beginning of a new series of audio-documentations of past shows, starting with a recording of a concert from June 26th 2019 at the Bruital Furore festival on Hamburg’s MS Stubnitz. New releases will approximately follow in a weekly order.

It’s a free bandcamp download but a donation is very much appreciated.

20.03. – Berlin w/ Qian Geng & Wang Ziheng

event, live

Update: due to a case of Covid-19 in the team this event is sadly cancelled

Amidst the total cancellation of cultural public events, including its experimental fringes, going online seems the only way left to stage concerts at the moment.


The show with Qian Geng, Wang Ziheng and Anton Kaun at Acud in Berlin on the 20th is cancelled, but there will be a livestream on friday evening. Anton Kaun is staying in Munich, so Qian Geng’s calligraphy-performance will be accompanied by Wang Ziheng and me.

The details of the livestream are still being worked on, but the platform used and the exact time will hopefully soon be posted at this place or at the facebook event.

17.03.2020 Vorwerkstift


– The show has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak –

make-over challenge


/sound/silence/noise/ – 17.03., 20:00 at Galerie 21, Vorwerkstr. 21 Hamburg


Louise Vind Nielsen – sound performance


Rosh Zeeba – opulent silence – site specific video installation & make-over challenge


r░░░⁞ࣱࣶࣻ꙰ࣱࣨ꙲ࣱࣼ – ℜ…⡸⡋  ᴉࣨ꙱ שּׂ ﬧ ‗…⁞ࣱࣶࣻ꙰ࣱࣨ꙲ࣱ꙱ࣶ࣯ࣵᵀ⡱⢞    ‡ᴉࣨ꙱ࣶࣵࣵࣳ┘ ‖⁞ࣱࣶࣻ꙰ࣱࣨ꙲ࣱ꙱ ࣱ꙱ࣶ࣯ࣵᵀ⡱ ⢞‡⁞ࣱࣶࣻ꙰ࣱࣨ꙲ࣱ꙱ࣶ࣯ࣵ₩

08.03.2020 – Qian Geng & Wang Ziheng in Hamburg


Ephemeral Ritual
Qian Geng & Wang Ziheng (Beijing)
Performance, calligraphy and sound 

Sunday, March 8th 2020
14:30 – 19:00 (performance starts at 15:00)
ISLAND, Banksstraße 2a, 20097 Hamburg

Qian Geng approaches calligraphy as a performative physical act, a raw collision of movement and the large-scale canvas. For his first ever performance in Germany, he will be accompanied by the floating saxophone/noise soundscapes of Wang Ziheng. Together, they will commune with their audience in a powerful, ephemeral ritual.

This performance was originally intended to be a part of the upcoming 4th edition of Noisexistance-Festival which sadly didn’t work out. Thankfully WAF, Agency & and Island stepped in and now bring these two artists to Hamburg. I’ll have the honour to giv a short introductive talk before the performance.