During the past weeks some tracks I did got released on these compilations:

Released on November 25th, the third Rental Yields compilation by Front & Follow is now available. All songs are remixes, one artist ’steals‘ from another to generate ‚yields‘. The project raises money to tackle homelessness in Manchester. My contribution is a remix of the song Silent Night by Manchesters Opium Harlot, now titled Houses in Slow Motion.


Out on Econore is Flag, featuring the song Fin du Monde, Fin du Mois (previously self released on the ‡ ‡ ‡ tape in 2021).


Machina ad Noctem has released Landscapes and Emptiness: A Tribute to J. G. Ballard. 35 tracks by different artists, all inspired by the short stories and novels by the legendary Sci-Fi writer. My contribution draws on the 1974 novel Concrete Island. Using a recently acquired old Yamaha organ, I tried to evoke the feeling of being stranded on a median strip surrounded by motorways with only a stash of wine for sustenance.

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